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Updated: September 21, 2002

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Free & Low Cost Internet Access Service Providers

How to access the Internet for FREE!

USA totally free Internet access service providers have been a thing of the past.  It has been impossible to actually get totally free Unlimited dial-up Internet service for the past year.  Things have changed!  Sign up for SurfTheWebFree along with NetZero, use both services, surf free!

We are here searching for the best ways to keep you connected to the Internet.  Free Internet access service may have faded away...but our Web site did not!!!  We will continue to keep you updated with the best service and lowest cost options for your future Internet provider needs! 

Surf free for 45 days - 1000 hours with AOL Click here.

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SurfTheWebFree offers unlimited, advertising free, dial-up (up to 56k) Internet access to the USA. No payment is ever required no matter how many hours you are online!  Works with Windows, Linux and MAC!
SurfTheWebFree is constantly working with large companies that want to see more consumers using the Internet. Our partners to pay for all of the Internet costs of our members, in exchange for asking our members to accept just one offer a month. Most of the services, including many great credit card offers, are completely free!  Check it out for yourself.  It's Free!

Free Unlimited Internet Access Service Is Back!

  The Ultimate Internet

10 Hours Free per Month

 Get NetZero Platinum today! Platinum gives you fast reliable internet access for $9.95/month. 1/2 the price of AOL!

NetZero Professional, a new service plan aimed at small business, professional and other members whose household usage exceeds 10 hours in a single calendar month. Beginning in October 2001, households and businesses that exceed the 10-hour threshold will have the option to pay $9.95 to allow them unlimited usage for the remainder of the calendar month.  USA & Canada!



For a little more than you pay for AOL you can get a new brand name computer, and 4 years of UNLIMITED Internet access.  It is like getting your Internet access for free. Prices start at 24.95 per month.  Or get just Internet access at $12.95 per month.  Learn more here.


Access-4-Free charges a one time setup fee of $4.95 and $0.00 per month.  Each month you get 10 hours free, $1 for each additional hour will apply (i.e. if you have been on-line total of 12 hours in one month, you will be charge $2 for that month). The hourly charge stops after 10 hours. After we charge your account for 10 hours, your account will be unlimited account. The maximum you may be charged per month is $10 for unlimited usage.  

$0.00 per Month - No Ads, No Banners - No Commitments 


CyberNet Communications, Inc.

C y b e r N e t offers a state-of-the-art system with a high bandwidth interconnection to the Internet to insure a quick response during peak hours.
C y b e r N e t communications has developed user friendly / easy to install Internet access software packages which guarantee a high speed connection to the Internet.
By using C y b e r N e t as your access provider, you will benefit from the experience of a highly trained technical staff and customer service department. Through their network you are guaranteed the following privileges: Unlimited flat-Rate service, dial-speed up to 56KBS, access throughout the USA, no busy signal, on-line news, sports, stock quotes, ETC.
C y b e r N e t provides free Internet access in exchange for switching your phone service to CyberNet Communications, Inc.


60 Days Free - Earn One Month Free for Each Referral

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Click here and receive 3 months for the price of 1 and receive great EarthLink Internet service for only $21.95 per month thereafter, or call us at 1-800-EARTHLINK, and be sure to mention Registration Code 400067992 

We hook you up with a fast, reliable dial-up connection. Spam filters. Some cool tools. And as much tech help as you need. 
EarthLink Unlimited service includes: 

*24/7 technical support-award-winning help whenever you need it 
*Eight email boxes-whether you have a big family or different online identities 
* 10MB of free webspace-build your own site with our Click-n-Build publishing system 
* Over 7,500 local access numbers-hit the road, but stay in touch 
* Your own Personal Start PageSM—customized by you, for you 
* SpaminatorTM—a powerful anti-spam service to help keep your email box free from junk mail 
* eLink—our weekly email newsletter 
* EarthLink Instant Messenger—chat 'em up in real time 
bLinkTM Magazine—Get articles about the Net, software reviews, celebrity interviews, and tips for Internet users delivered to your snail mailbox 
* Free switching services—a special service that helps you let your friends know your new email address 

Free Internet Access - EarthLink - Yes!  Free Internet Access!  EarthLink members have already enjoyed months of free Internet access. That's right — free! How? It's easy! Because EarthLink's Free Access Program rewards satisfied EarthLink members for spreading the word about us. Every time you refer a friend who joins EarthLink, you get credit for one month of Internet access. Refer two friends, get two months. Three friends, three months. Just have your friends mention your EarthLink username when they sign up — it's that easy! EarthLink makes it even easier by sending you referral cards with your new member Welcome Package once you join EarthLink!



It's easy to get 1000 free hours of America Online for 45 days! First, we need a little bit of information about you. Please click on the AOL banner to get started!

Up to 1000 HOUR FREE TRIAL MUST BE USED WITHIN 45 OF INITIAL SIGN-ON. TO AVOID BEING CHARGED A MONTHLY FEE, SIMPLY CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP BEFORE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS. Premium services carry surcharges and communications surcharges may apply, including in AK, even during trial time. Members may incur charges on their telephone bill, depending on their location and calling plan, even during trial time. Offer is available to new members in the U.S., age 18 or older, and a major credit card or checking account is required.

Add your favorite free Internet service here!

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